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Annie Leigh is a wife to Jamus (who just so happens to be her pastor), mom of three (7, 6, and 4), blogger, speaker, and online health and fitness coach with Beachbody. She is a musical theater nerd, lover of dark chocolate, and coffee (although she is currently transitioning to tea because it makes her feel dainty, largely due to Downtown Abbey). She considers herself to be a connoisseur in the art of crazy and a lover of sappy chick flicks, especially Anne of Green Gable’s and Pride & Prejudice. You can find her enjoying a play-date with friends (on the rare occasion that someone is not sick), mentoring women, browsing through Target, and trying to squeeze in a much needed date night with her man. Annie is currently working on her first book The Beauty of Losing Yourself: In A Selfie Generation.
Chutes and Ladders—Are You Trying To Work Your Way to God?

The delightful game of Candy Land has brought about many award winning meltdowns in our home including (but not limited to) boards being slung

Family Devotions Can Hurt

“Somebody please hit me!” These are the words I thought while witnessing my four-year-old daughter sling The Jesus Story Book Bible across the room. Ballet

Are You Frozen in Your Struggle This Grace Offers Hope

Autumn leaves fall like confetti around our Kentucky home. The trees stand tall and brave as they let go of their identity. No longer

Loosen Your Grip on Technology to Enjoy a Hands-Free Life

I have come to the conclusion that putting our three kids to bed is a lot like herding cattle. Just when you think you

This Is Why You Can Stop Entertaining Your Children

Mary Poppins ticks me off. She has fooled me into believing that I have to continually entertain my children with a bag of fun.

How to Lose the Scale and Walk Lighter

How to drop weight instantly! (Not the kind you think.) Enter the scales.  The first time I stepped on a scale was during the dark, life-sucking


It was high school math class, and as usual, I was daydreaming. My eyes met an obnoxious banner in the back of the classroom

You Freak Me Out, But I'm Gonna Do it Anyway

There are many things in this world that freak me out: tornadoes, spiders, snakes, tsunamis, men who wear capri pants, ISIS, and yes, the


Bored? Yeah I get it! Am I the only one who has ever been bored with life? Sometimes I wonder, is there a chance that

Lusting After an Illusion—The Perfect Woman

Without a doubt, I am a creeper. I can sit with my coffee at the mall and watch people. All. Day. Long. It’s not


Friends ask me all the time, "How in the world do you find the time to run your own business and write articles?" It is not

How My Sister’s Cancer Brought Greater Hope

My memories from childhood run together like a ripple in that old creek behind our home

On Sex and Faith and Marriage

Jamus and Annie sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Jamus, (my husband) and I started dating in college and I thought about him all the time.


Life is messy … especially when baking is involved. My daughter’s birthday was quickly approaching—as it seems to do every year—and I only had a week

When First Runner Up Feels like “Reject”

From as early as I can remember, I pretty much had one goal in life: I wanted to be Miss America. Now just saying that,

Protecting Your Priorities in the Busyness of Life

I have grown up with a sister who has spent her life fighting cancer and now a mother who also has the same battle.


Sin slithers in when we least expect it, and goes for the chokehold every

She Did it Again When Britney Hurts My Body Image

Yesterday I was in the checkout line, hiding unwashed hair beneath my baseball cap, pretending that I was not reading the current gossip magazines

Scared of the Dark

I used to be scared of the dark. The kind of scared that—even as a sophomore in high school—I would carry my little sister (who


There we were. Another contestant and I, hands embraced tight, waiting to hear whose hard work had paid off, whose "resume" had been accepted—who


“Why is it a girl has to be so silly to catch a husband?” Scarlett O’Hara complains as she is being tightly laced into

When Someone You Love is Depressed

It was a forced friendship from the beginning. Boldly, she announced that every single Wednesday she would be coming to my house. I could