Become a Strong Woman While Making These 8 Pit Stops – 222

Become a Strong Woman While Making These 8 Pit Stops - 222 feature image

Want to become a strong woman? It may come as a surprise that embarking on this path has more to do with leaning into your vulnerabilities and weaknesses—not the areas you excel in.

In this episode, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender discuss 8 ways that you can begin your journey to becoming a strong woman, even as life’s challenges continue. Among these, you’ll learn the importance of talking less; why lowering the bar for yourself and others can actually be a good thing; and why choosing to become a strong woman is a decision that must be made daily.

Quote of the episode:

Ultimately, strength comes from two major sources: one is your life experience; the other, of course, is a dependence on the God we serve.” —Darlene Brock 


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