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Can Women Do It All? With Christy Wright of Business Boutique – 091

“A lot of women treat everything in their life as equal, so when push comes to shove and you’re needed in two places, you don’t know what to choose.” That quote from this week’s guest resonated with your co-hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. It probably does you too! To discuss this struggle and offer possible solutions for most women’s busyness, we brought in an expert on the subject. Meet our new best friend; Author, Business Coach, Ramsay personality and busy wife and mom, Christy Wright. In her casual yet straightforward style, she explains why it’s OK for a woman to want to pursue passions (even growing them into a business with a profit!) at the same time fulfill the role of wife, mom, friend, volunteer, neighbor or whatever else we add to the never-ending list. She offers insights on how to prioritize, stop feeling guilty and get after your goals. If you’re looking for some balance, break out your notebook during this one, friends!

Christy Wright Contributor PhotoYou can follow Christy Wright by visiting her site Business Boutique, listening to her podcast or following her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

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“It’s often the small things that no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants.” Craig Groeschel

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