Dating? Don’t Settle for Less with Rebecca St. James – 243

Dating? Don't Settle for Less with Rebecca St. James - 243

You may have seen the movie “Unsung Hero” and learned a little about the childhood and career of Christian singer and songwriter Rebecca St. James. But we thought we would revisit an earlier episode of This Grit and Grace Life podcast when Rebecca joined the show to chat about another important part of her life: dating and finding “the one.”

Landing your forever-after prince isn’t always so clear-cut. We wonder whether he’s out there, how long it’ll take to find him, and if we’ll even recognize him when the moment arrives. We can even get so frustrated with the wait that we might be tempted to settle for a good man but not the right man. But is it worth waiting for the right one?

Rebecca insists it is. She shares the ups and downs of her own journey through dating and how she ultimately found her husband (and knew he was “the one” almost instantly). She, Darlene, and Julie also discuss what character traits to look for in the right man, how you can stay committed to the values you set for yourself without settling, and whether you’re giving too many husband privileges to a boyfriend who won’t commit.

Rebecca St. James headshotRebecca St. James is a GRAMMY-winning Christian singer/songwriter, author, and speaker. She is also the co-host of the podcast Practice Makes Parent alongside Dr. Danny Huerta where they discuss strategies and inspiration for parenting kids of all ages.
You can follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccast.james, on Facebook @RSJames or on her website at

Quote of the episode:

“There was this soul connection where it’s like he has the same spirit, same values, same heart, same true, core desires in life.”
Rebecca St. James on finding her husband




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