Faith, Hope and Love: They’re All We Need – 229

Faith, Hope and Love: They’re All We Need

This week, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender discuss what faith, hope, and love should look like when played out in our lives. You’ll learn how they each decided to pursue faith; how we should pour out love and gratitude back to God through the work we do and how we carry ourselves; how faith fulfills our ability to hope, which sustains us during hard times and reminds us of what’s good in a world that feels scary and messy; why we’re called to love others (even those who don’t love us back) and how to show it.

Any one of these tenets—or perhaps all three—may feel complicated or even a bit foreign to you. This episode is a helpful guide to understanding what they look like and how they all work together to resemble a fulfilling life that looks like Christ’s.

Quote of the episode:

“We, at times, may be put right in the position to show love in a very tangible, real way to someone who desperately needs it.” —Julie Bender



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