Finding Happiness with a Scary Future Ahead – 190

Finding Happiness with a Scary Future Ahead - 190

podcast image If you don’t already know, Julie is having a baby! (A girl!) 

At her recent baby shower, amid all the laughter and gifts from friends and family, there was a conversation about the fears people are feeling as a result of the daily circumstances occurring around the world—there was a general consensus that we’re heading into a scary future. 

That juxtaposition prompted Darlene and Julie to sit down and talk about our collective uncertainty about the future. Between cultural tension and disagreements, economic hardships, lingering pandemic worries and more, it can be hard to look forward to the future with hope. 

But Darlene and Julie remind us that it’s important to celebrate the good things, find community, and rely more than ever on a kind God who knows all—so we can not just survive, but thrive in the days to come.

Quote of the episode:

“Even though I am fearful, I will choose to rely on the trust that I have in a good God who knows way more than me.” —Julie Bender


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