If You Can’t Avoid Divorce, Can You Do It Honorably? With Attorney Leesha Newkirk Crouch – 059

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We believe marriage is a vow made with honor—cherished, worthy of fighting to keep, and should not be easily or quickly broken. As much as we wish it weren’t true, we realize that sometimes marriages fail. So, if you find yourself facing divorce or know someone who is, we believe it is vital, even in this difficult season, to walk through the next steps with knowledge, honor, and integrity. With that in mind, we invited our friend, attorney Leesha Newkirk Crouch, back to the show. You will learn that there is a path to amicable divorce where you, your ex, and your children can create the best possible scenario. Darlene and Julie ask questions about the entire process, how to find an attorney, what to ask, as well as the subjects of concern that you should be addressing. Leesha, having gone through the process herself, not only shares the knowledge for the legal side but offers compassion as well. We hope that this episode will prepare you because there may come a day when you or someone you love will experience a marriage dissolving. So, listen now and share it with someone facing this challenge.

In this episode Leesha shares with us the way to an amicable divorce through the PEACE acrostic:
Parenting plan
Equitable distribution
Child support
Everything else

Leesha Newkirk Crouch is an attorney and mom who specializes in Family Law at the Legacy Law Firm, where she focuses on Mediation and a Cooperative and Collaborative approach to dispute resolution. She also has experience in Wills and Trusts, Business Formation, and Probate. She is trained in Collaborative Law and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, which affords her the opportunity to approach family law in a unique and specialized manner.

Julie mentioned two other shows you will want to listen to if you or someone you love is facing divorce. Jamie Ivey’s episode with Jenn Jett in her “if you only knew” mini series and a longer episode on the God-Centered Mom Podcast also with Jenn Jett.

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Quote of the episode:

We wholeheartedly believe in marriage, but sometimes they fail and we want to walk with you if that happens, too.

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