Maintaining a Healthy and Happy Marriage When the World Is Working Against It With Kristi Hendriks – 113

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We are living in a culture where everything is way too fast paced, where we somehow always over-schedule ourselves, and where we are constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else’s highlight reels in our social media feeds. It’s a hard culture to navigate! And when you add marriage into the mix, it can become extremely difficult to maintain one that is both happy and healthy. Sometimes it feels like all these things that make up today’s world are eroding the foundation and stability of our marriages.

So how do we thrive in our marriage, or simply keep it in tact, when it feels like everyone and everything is fighting against it on every front?

In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, hosts Darlene and Julie chat with guest Kristi Hendriks, who helps answers this pressing question for us.
Kristi is the owner of the online boutique, For the Field Apparel, as well as the wife of baseball All Star and MLB pitcher, Liam Hendriks. 
Kristi opens up about the struggles and obstacles she and her husband face in their marriage as a result of being in the public eye. She shares her best advice for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship when it feels like the world is constantly challenging it.
Tune in to the full episode where Kristi will help you navigate your marriage in today’s crazy world with a whole lot more grit and grace. 

Meet Kristi Hendriks: a true lover of all sandwiches…she loves the humidity in Florida and hates parallel parking everywhere. She is the CEO of For the Field Apparel, a company she proudly built from the ground up. This Virgo babe is #marriedtothegame™️, works with her husband, MLB pitcher Liam Hendriks, off the field for several non-profits including work with animal rescues, community outreach and their initiative to “strikeout bullying”. Her name means “follower of Christ” and that she is. ‘Grit and Grace’ is a part of her everyday life and she is passionate to serve the Lord in any way she can. Connect with Kristi by visiting her site, For The Field Apparel or following them on Instagram. You can follow Kristi here and Liam here! You can get your own Coffee + Bible mug here!

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Quote of the episode:

“When it comes to marriage you’re looking for the whole meal deal.” Darlene Brock

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