New Year, Strong You! How to Reflect on Your Year in a Helpful Way – 114

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That’s a wrap! 2019 is almost over, so let’s talk about…

When the year starts coming to a close, it brings up so many emotional feelings. For many of you, it has you over-processing and reminiscing about everything that has happened in the past year–the good, the bad, and the ugly. And, you want to learn and glean as much as possible before you move on. But on the other hand, there are so many of you who just want this year to end now so you can move on and have a fresh start in the new year.

Neither one are good or bad. But if you want 2020 to be your best year yet, you need to look at your past before rushing your future.

In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, hosts Darlene and Julie discuss the importance of taking inventory of your highs and lows of 2019 before you quickly move on to the new decade. They discuss their personal victories and failures in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. Plus, both share their biggest lessons learned in 2019 and their hopes for what’s to come in 2020.

Let this episode be a blueprint for you to learn from your past and build a stronger future.

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Quote of the episode:

“The woman I was yesterday introduced me to the woman I am today. Which makes me very excited for the woman I will become tomorrow.”

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