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Skillet’s Jen Ledger Shares Her Faith, Her Fear and Her Strength – 044

What happens when an incredible opportunity comes your way? Fear? Anxiety? Belief that you aren’t qualified? Well, you’re not alone; that is precisely where today’s guest found herself. Drummer, Jen Ledger, joined the multi-platinum, world-touring rock band, Skillet, at 18 years of age, all the while struggling with feelings that she didn’t have what it takes. Now a decade later, she’s facing her fears again with the release of her first solo EP “Ledger.” In this episode, Jen shares how her fear can derail her, bringing anxiety and panic along with it. Yet, it is in her faith that she finds strength. Whether you’re facing change, challenge, or daily chaos as a woman who can sometimes doubt herself, Jen, Darlene, and Julie will challenge you to tap into your inner grit and grace and find your strength too. Jen also shares how her mentor, Korey Cooper, believed in her when she couldn’t even believe in herself, so definitely share this one with a girlfriend who could use some encouragement!

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Quote of the episode:

“Maybe you’re not the best or the strongest. You are who you are and you’ve got to be brave with the life that you’ve got.” Jen Ledger

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