The Beauty of Our Imperfect Lives with Jesus – 209

The Beauty of Our Imperfect Lives with Jesus - 209

What does it mean to follow Jesus or to say, “I am a Christian?”

With the recent Asbury Revival igniting new conversations around faith, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender decided to share the highs and lows of their individual faith journeys and getting to know Jesus. Darlene grew up in a strict church environment with a lot of rules, while Julie’s Methodist church emphasized the importance of relationships and feeling connected with others in the house of God.podcast image

Both took paths that brought them closer to Jesus but encountered moments of pride and self-righteousness in their faith that they later learned couldn’t prevent real-life heartache. They chat about the beauty and difficulty of having a relationship with Jesus, the beauty in our imperfect lives with Him, the hope and comfort He offers us, and why we need to learn to trust Him when He says He loves us unconditionally.

Quote of the episode:

“This is why we need Jesus: because we cannot be perfect.” —Julie Bender


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