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It doesn’t take a perfect mom to raise great kids. It takes intentionality, grit, and grace! Author and Co-Host, Darlene Brock, shares her hindsight and offers practical tips from her new book, Raising Great Girls: Help for Moms to Raise Confident, Capable Daughters (perfection not required), that will apply to moms of both genders. As a single boy mom, Julie asks honest questions and explores how Darlene navigated the tricky parenting situations in which most parents find themselves.

Darlene explains how being your child’s coach, creative counselor, and professor of gender studies (three of the jobs she unpacks in her book) makes all the difference in doing the job of motherhood well. She will give you confidence that you’re going to make it to your child’s graduation with more wins than losses. She’ll also give you real tools you will need for the enlightening conversations along the way. You’ll want to listen to this one right away, grab a copy of the book, and share the show with a friend, too!





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Quote of the episode:

“Your daughter was given to you, and you to your girl. You and your girl are not perfect people, but you are a perfect match.” Darlene Brock in Raising Great Girls

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