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We’re 1! A Look Back on Our First Year of This #GritandGraceLife Podcast – 055

This Grit and Grace Life podcast turns ONE today! We’re like a wobbly toddler who’s just starting to get her stride. Since it is our birthday, we are throwing a party! Your co-hosts, Darlene and Julie, laugh, cry, and reminisce on what they’ve learned from a year of recording their conversations for you. This reflecting led Julie to provide an answer to an inevitable question, “People are asking how I’m doing. Being a part of The Grit and Grace Project and starting this show has been healing for me. I’m so thankful for all the support from our friends who listen.” This episode recounts the shows that have meant the most to them and why and also shares the fan-favorites. Darlene and Julie also gathered a few questions from the listeners and answered them with their signature honesty—something we believe you’ve come to expect and love from your co-hosts who are living a #gritandgracelife. Darlene actually said, “When Julie first pitched this idea I wondered how quickly we would run out of things to say. But as I look back at this year I can tell you that we’re just getting started!” They’re just like you, two ladies who are seeking to become strong women every single day. Celebrate with them and share the show with a friend.

Top 5 most-listened-to-episodes:

1. Talking About the Funny Things We are Thankful For – 013

2. What is a Grit and Grace Life? – 001

3.  7 Things Women Need to Quit Right Now – 010

4. What You Need to Know About Sexual Harassment – 014

5. Conquering Struggles Women Will Face in Every Stage of Life with Dr. Zoe Shaw – 009

Dar’s favorite episodes:

1. Skillet’s Jen Ledger Shares Her Faith, Her Fear and Her Strength – 044

2. Miss Independent: Can You Be Healthy, Strong and Dependent? – 047

3. 6 Qualities that Make a Female Strong with Leadership Expert Jenni Catron – 030

Julie’s favorite episodes:

1. Can You Really Leave Your Past Behind You? – 028

2. You Are “Mom Enough”: How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure – 017

3. Single? How to Thrive in the Online Dating World with Kristin Fry – 037

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Quote of the episode:

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Brad Paisley

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This Grit and Grace Life hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham cross generational lines and draw from life experience to discuss all things life—from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, being single, married or single again. Combining the two traits found in all women, grit and grace, they laugh, share insights and explore the road taken to find strength every day.

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