We’re Back! – 163

We’re back! After what co-host Julie Bender calls “the shortest summer ever,” her and Darlene Brock catch up on life and give a preview of the great things in store as they return with new episodes of This Grit and Grace Life podcast.

But the summer hiatus wasn’t all road-tripping and mountain-hiking. The team at Grit and Grace Life spruced up the website and revamped the podcast to better meet you where you are. We’ve realized that the world continues to spin out of control, but we know answers can be found.

The podcast takes on a new format, where Darlene and Julie pose the questions you’re asking and answer them with practical steps to help you walk through your challenges and move forward in a world that’s ever changing. You’ll hear from some of This Grit and Grace Life’s beloved guests, like Dr. Zoe Shaw and Christy Wright, as well as a few new friends who come with experiences worth sharing.

So mark your calendars and join us each Tuesday as we equip you with the tips and encouragement you need to tackle this life with—what else?—grit and grace. Brought to you by The Grit and Grace Project®.


Quote of the episode:

“We have seasons of life, and they’re ever changing—so we have to find new roads.”  Darlene Brock

Don’t miss this worthwhile advice from some of your past questions:

What do I do if my boyfriend didn’t propose?
Can I get past a betrayal in my marriage?
What’s the right way to discipline my toddler?


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