What Does Optimism Bring to a Woman’s Life? – 184

What Does Optimism Bring to a Woman's Life? - 184

We often hear about “the power of positivity,” and while it may sound like we’re looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, we believe that an attitude of optimism can actually serve us well.

Darlene Brock and Julie Bender sit down to chat about a woman’s inherent optimistic spirit, and how it leads us to push beyond what we thought was possible. They discuss what healthy optimism looks like in each area of our lives, through motherhood, relationships, faith and our purpose; when to pair it with realism; and how it can benefit those around us. 

Even now as the world looks a little murky, we know God has plans for our future, and that they are good. If there’s any reason for hope and optimism, we hope that encourages you above all.

Quote of the episode:

God ultimately has a purpose and has good for us, and that’s where we can find our unending, unwavering positivity in this life.” —Julie Bender


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