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What Makes a Woman Beautiful (Might Surprise You) – 043

It’s amazing what women will do to feel beautiful. From crazy beauty tricks through time to what truly sets a woman apart, we have all gotten caught in the trap. There’s a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on our desire to be attractive. The products we “need” fill our drawers but are soon discarded for the next must-have to get just the right look. In this episode, Darlene and Julie will discuss hilarious beauty hacks from the past (and ones we still try today), then dive deeper into a woman’s real beauty.

Often it is the outer beauty that is first noticed, and of course, we all want to feel attractive. But what is it that will really last? We think it’s self-respect, confidence, individuality, grit, and grace. Is it wrong to want it all?

We’re not saying to stop your beauty regimen (we’re not quitting ours!), but we are encouraging you (and each other) to spend time discovering the beauty that lies on the inside, where it truly matters most.

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Quote of the episode:

“When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say but for them it could last a lifetime.”

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