When Suicide Touches Your Life – 239

When Suicide Touches Your Life - 239

podcast imageWe tackle many difficult subjects here at Grit and Grace Life, and often, they’re ones that have impacted us directly. In this episode, co-host Darlene Brock shares one of her own—losing her father to suicide.

As with any tragedy, Darlene found herself navigating unexpected emotions, working to reconcile the choice of suicide with the father she loved, asking questions that could be answered and accepting those that could not. In sharing her story now, she hopes to impart an important lesson to those dealing with this unbearable pain: God can bring healing. It won’t be overnight, and it won’t be easy. But there is hope to be found.

If you’ve also lost someone dear to you to suicide, we hope this episode brings you some comfort in hearing from someone who has also been through the same journey. This idea is what inspired our next endeavor here at Grit and Grace Life: creating and publishing a series of subject-specific guidebooks—written by our team of writers with direct experience in those subjects—that you can use to walk (and work) through your own challenges, at your own pace. Keep an eye out for this book and others in the “Smart Living In Small Bites” series, coming later this year.

Quote of the episode:

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.” —Thomas Moore


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