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Who Is God Really? with Christian Bevere – 169

For thousands of years, people have tried to answer the question, “Who is God?”

It’s a monumental question, and one that even people of faith still grapple with. We learn a lot about God by reading the Bible and through prayer, but how can we begin to really know Him?

Darlene Brock and Julie Bender chat with Christian Bevere to discuss what it means to be a son or daughter of God and how to grasp who God is, according to who He says He is. Christian details the ways that God shows up in our lives and acts as our defender. If you’ve ever desired to have a bigger picture of what God looks like, we encourage you to give this episode a listen.

Christian BevereChristian Bevere is one of the founding members of Sons & Daughters, a global movement geared toward helping young adults find adventure and purpose in their Creator. In addition to her work with Sons & Daughters, Christian is a wife, a designer and a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur.

You can follow Christian on Instagram @mrschristianbevere, or at Sons & Daughters TV.

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Quote of the episode:

God’s not a genie in a bottle. But he provides for me the way a father does.” —Christian Bevere


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