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Wise Words for Women in Our Grit and Grace Life – 162

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast Darlene Brock Julie BenderWith life traveling faster than we can keep up, many of us are facing storms that threaten to take our joy, sanity, and peace. What we all need right now are wise words for women to handle this grit and grace life. We don’t need a quippy cliché or a half-hearted platitude but real practical truths to apply as needed. To offer that, co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender take to the mic to share six insights on life that benefit every woman. Since they are taking a recording break for a few months, they wanted to leave you with these hard-won words of wisdom.

After listening to this episode, remember that there are 161 other episodes, plus more than 1,500 articles at gritandgracelife.com to catch up on. We trust you’ll have plenty to encourage you to seize and savor each day of your summer, like we plan to. We’ll be back in the fall with something new that we think you’ll love as we all strive to successfully live This Grit and Grace Life!

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Quote of the episode:

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Dr. Robert H. Schuller

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