6 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship Right Now


I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not talking about the bedroom. I’m talking about the Groundhog Day cycle you find yourself in! I’ve noticed that my marriage feels most dull when I’m short on self-care, and I haven’t had quality time with my husband.

Try some of these ideas to get you out of autopilot and into a passionate partnership.

Switch Roles

Maybe it’s time he cooks dinner, and you walk the dog? Whatever designated jobs you’ve assigned to one another, switch it up! You may surprise yourself with compassion and be able to relate better at the end of the day.

Invest in His Passions

Sometimes I flip on ESPN or Sportscenter during the day, so I can talk to my husband about what’s going on. At first, he laughs a little, but I can tell he likes to be able to talk about the things he enjoys. Do I like the NBA? Nope. But I like feeling like my husband’s best friend…and if that means an hour or two of Mike and Mike while I’m folding the laundry, it’s an easy sacrifice.

Hit the Gym Together

In the words of Elle Woods—endorphins make you happy. There is something straight sexy about sweating with your spouse. Plus, you’ll feel a little jolt of confidence that will carry out into the day. (Click here for an article on the most popular ways to exercise right now.)

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

My husband loves the smell of my perfume. Sometimes I’m still in my pajamas when he gets home from work and sometimes I am in leggings…but I always like to spritz on some perfume and put on mascara. Call me old-fashioned but he says my eyes twinkle (thank you Too Faced concealer), and he loves the way I smell. If I’m going out of town, I’ll spritz some on his pillow and tuck a note into his car. He loves the carrot cake from Publix, so I’ll grab it from time to time. Think about the little things and pay attention to detail to make him feel special!

Don’t Greet Him With Complaints

When he walks through the door, give him a minute to catch his breath and unwind. Odds are he has a list of his own complaints and meeting him at the door with the woes of the day does not set the tone for a relaxing evening. There are obviously always exceptions, but try to make your home a safe place to land.

Find a Hobby That Is Your Own

Invest in yourself! Sometimes my marriage feels stale when I am relying on my husband to fill up places in me he can’t. If I’m lacking purpose or inspiration, I dive into writing, running, reading, or maybe lunch with friends. Don’t lose yourself!

So give one or two of these tips a try and fan that flame!

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Image by Hernan Sanchez.

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