Mix It Up and Try These Day Dates With Your Man

Whether we’re in our first month of dating and learning each other or getting a night to ourselves after a long work week, date night is often our best night of the week for much-needed quality time with our man. The usual dinner, movies, and walks downtown can be a part of a fun routine, but I am the number one fan of starting the day together with a morning date. If you’re in need of a change and looking to try something new together, take to these ideas for a morning cup of romance!

Here are 10 ideas for morning dates with your man:

1. Be early risers.
Set your alarms and head to a wide open spot to watch the sun come up. Take in some sweet moments of peace together before the rest of the day starts. I especially love this one for getting some quality time in together before a day filled with other people.

2. Go fancy.
Dressing up isn’t just for date night! Make reservations at a luxury hotel or B&B for their signature breakfast or brunch (often on Sundays). Starting your day with the fun of treating yourselves is a nice change and you’ll have the rest of the day for more adventures.

3. Go grunge.
Not feeling your fancy pants? Be the first ones in the grocery store and pick up all of your favorite foods. Bring them home, set up a bed on the floor, and settle in for a day of bingeing on Netflix and goodies.

4. Explore your county’s farmers markets.
When season comes around, wander around. Try some local treats and pick some up for the rest of the week. You can even put together a meal or smoothies for later using fresh ingredients.

5. Stroll a festival.
Many towns have local art and craft shows or food and cultural festivals during peak seasons. We love supporting artists by purchasing small prints for our walls or our favorite, a handmade coffee mug. Speaking of coffee…

6. Go classic and grab some coffee.
Go to a local favorite or try a different coffee shop each week until you find your go-to. My husband I love to bring a book or make this the start to our morning dates.

7. Get active.
Hike, bike, walk the beach, kayak—anything to explore the outdoors with each other. Bring a hammock and a picnic to relax after a good work out. In the city? Search within an hour radius for spots to try. A pretty view and time together to explore is worth a drive.

8. DIY with breakfast fare.
Pick out a variety of pancake and waffle toppings, curate unique breakfast sandwiches or burritos, or make a full spread of the classics. Enjoy time creating together and devouring your craftsmanship at the table.

9. Garage sale or check out antique stores.
You’re likely in for some laughs and hopefully some unique finds for your home too. This is a great way to explore neighborhoods you may not usually see.

10. Take on a challenge.
Play your favorite board game or video game and set some stakes. Whoever wins best of three doesn’t have to do the dishes for a week.

The best part about each of these is that they can be combined for a sweet morning together!

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