What Makes a Sister the Best Kind of Friend

I love my sisters; we’re ridiculously close. In fact, they’re my best friends. However, I’m not naive enough to think that all sisters are best friends, so I do count myself fortunate (as are they). But if you too share a special bond with your sister, I think you’ll agree that this is what makes a sister the best kind of friend…

You can always be yourself.

Being best friends with your sister means you don’t have to worry about being judged. You don’t have to get yourself together when you’re with your sister. She’s happy to meet you exactly where you are.

Her closet.

What is it about a sister’s closet that makes it so much better than your own? I stand in front of my own closet like I’m looking into a hopeless abyss but when I step into my sister’s closet I find the perfect outfit without fail.

Free reality checks.

She’s never afraid to put you in your place and she’s typically right. No matter how much you deny your moodiness or obsession with Thomas Rhett, she’ll call your bluff. If you’re being a brat she isn’t afraid to put you in your place. Sisters keep you humble and honest.

She celebrates your milestones.

Your sisters see your ups and downs behind the scenes when you’re growing towards a goal or dream so they can really celebrate your accomplishments. She knows how many hours you studied, trained, and prayed to get to where you are and loves to see you shine.

Her perspective matters.

And for the moments you don’t reach those milestones, she’s there too. She points things out you can’t see and knows what to say—or not say—when you’re down.

You don’t have to explain yourself.

She gets your Mom’s crazy, or why your family listens to Bruce Springsteen on Christmas, or how you’re grossed out when someone burps at the table. They know the way you are because you share a framework. Maybe you aren’t the most similar person but you have the same values and upbringing so she gets why you hurry home for family dinner.

She’s your Editor-in-Chief.

She’ll edit all of your pictures for the perfect Instagram. If that isn’t great enough she will help you come up with the perfect caption then be your first like and comment like she’s seeing it for the first time. You can send her screen shots of all of your texts and she’ll tell you what to respond. 

You can ask her to do the things you hate asking other people to do.

If you don’t feel like going to the grocery store alone, she’ll tag along. Forgot to put your trash cans out? She’ll swing by and put them out. Sisters make the best friends because they love without expecting anything in return.

Are you tracking with me? If so, I think we can agree that sisters really do make the best kind of friend! But if you and your sister have a relationship that’s a bit more complicated, take a listen to our podcast Grit, Grace & Girlfriends and you’ll have a chance to hear Darlene Brock and Julie Graham talk it out.

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