3 Easy Apps and Tricks to Save Money

3 Easy Apps and Tricks to Save Money

I’m all about saving money. For a couple of months I was into coupon-clipping. I bought the newspaper on Sunday (two, of course, for BOGOs—Publix lovers know what I’m talking about). I clipped, and I saved. But like most resolutions, after a few weeks (maybe a month?) I got out of the habit and stopped. Still, I felt disappointed every time I recalled the savings I had once been dedicated to getting. I decided I needed to find a less work-intensive solution.

I found a few ways to save that work for me! I’m pretty phone-addicted and love having apps to simplify and better my life. I know, I’m so 2017. But I’ve earned over $200 with the apps below and saved at least $500+ (although, I’ll admit I’m not tracking it closely).

Here are 3 apps or tricks I use to save money:

1. Ibotta.
This app hosts savings from tons of stores and there are lots of different categories of purchases. I’m talking home goods, groceries, clothing, etc. You can search in the app before you shop to see what deals are available (you’d save more, choosing your items before purchasing), but I don’t. I shop like usual, but I always check the app when I get home as I’m putting my groceries away. Oftentimes my milk, bananas, eggs and something else are on the app, crediting my account $0.25-$2 or even more depending on the purchase. You can then get your credit sent to your paypal or venmo balance! I’ve earned over $200 on this app!

2. Cartwheel.
Now, I realize you’ve most likely heard of Cartwheel if you shop at Target, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped women in the checkout line because they’re purchasing something I know is on the app. They’re just not phone-ready at the counter. I’ve helped at least a dozen women get the app and start saving. So, if you’re not using cartwheel, start! Pair Cartwheel with the Target Red Card and now you’re seriously saving! All you have to do is scan your items (the app has a built in scanner) as you purchase and it tells you if there’s a discount (at least 5% and sometimes even up to 50%). Or, if there’s a similar item on sale, the app will tell you. Many times I’ll choose a different brand that’s on sale instead of what was originally in my hand. I’ve saved over $300 using Cartwheel. It’s a no-brainer.

3. Amazon Subscribe and Save.
Oh Amazon, I heart you. You simplify my life because you send me some of the items I use the most without me even having to think about it. For cheaper than Target. (I still love you, Target. We’ve got a good thing going. I will never stop spending too much money with you). Subscribe-and-save is a program where Amazon ships the items of your choosing on a regular schedule that you create. Because you agree to put it on a schedule, it’s discounted and delivered to your doorstep. All the praise hands. I use it for toilet paper, Keurig coffee pods, dog food, toothpaste, and diapers. The more items you subscribe for, the greater the discount. And, once in a while your items have an extra coupon available and Amazon will email you to ask you to “clip it” with a click of a button. Easy-peasy. Often I’ll be at Target, my local grocery store, or even Walmart, and I’ll pull out my phone, tap the Amazon app and check their going rate to see if the item is available on subscribe-and-save before purchasing it in store. I usually find that I can, in fact, subscribe-and-save!

Implement these 3 tricks and get saving, lady!

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