Problem at Work? 5 Tips to Work It Out!

Problem at Work? 5 Tips to Work It Out!

We have a “Go Direct” principle at my office. Here’s what that means: if you have a problem at work involving an issue with someone, go directly to that person and work it out.

Don’t spend time talking behind his or her back, sharing your grievance with other people, or “getting advice.” Don’t mull over it; don’t hold onto it. Simply “Go Direct.”

Problem at Work? Follow these 5 successful problem-solving tips:

1. Consider a kind, but clear way to address the issue. Think before you speak.

2. Don’t bring other people into the conflict. Doing so may cause your co-worker to feel attacked.How to Find R.E.S.T. In the Midst of Your Struggles

3. Try your best to find a moment of privacy, reducing the risk of other people overhearing the conversation and thus embarrassing your co-worker. This will hopefully give your co-worker the privacy they need to act cooperatively rather than defensively.

4. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to see the conflict from their perspective; you may not agree with them, but it may give you an extra (and probably needed) amount of grace and understanding.

5. Remember the Golden Rule. How would you like others to approach you with an issue? Act accordingly.

Handling a conflict this way will help build trust and respect among co-workers. You would be wise to not only use this system at the office but in all areas of life: with family, friends, teammates, etc.

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