How to Quit Your Job With Class

How to Quit Your Job With Class

I had a job once with great income and opportunity, but I didn’t like it. Some of the people I worked with were really nice. The work benefitted seniors and I cared about them. But in just about every way, I was a square peg in a round hole and I wanted desperately to find a square hole.

I talked myself into a new job with a man I had known for several years after running into him fortuitously one weekend. He had a manufacturing business for products that held absolutely no interest to me, but the job was in marketing and that was right up my alley. Plus, he was a really great guy; a good family man, smart, kind, and caring. I pushed him for an interview and it resulted in an offer. I couldn’t sign it fast enough!

Then I had to quit the other job. And I wanted to do it well. I once had a mentor who used to ask, “What do you leave in your wake?” I wanted to leave an impression with everyone I had worked with of being a woman who was reliable, trustworthy, kind, efficient, hard-working, and caring. I wanted to leave a good wake.

So here are some things I did, and you can do, to quit a job with class when it’s time to move on:

1. I wrote a resignation letter that praised the company. I never told anyone that I didn’t like the work I was doing.

2. I notified my boss before telling anyone else, and asked if he wanted to tell my coworkers or preferred I do it.

3. I gave the company two weeks notice.

4. I offered to do whatever necessary to notify clients and tie up loose ends.

5. I personally thanked every person I had worked with, and praised them for the specific work they did for the company.

6. I worked during my final two weeks as if I was staying forever. I did not slack off or start cleaning out my desk the end of week one.

7. I worked a full day on my last day and left a spotlessly clean office for my replacement.

So if you’re in a job that you don’t love, it’s ok! Keep your eyes open for something that may suit you better. When the next door opens, go for it! Just make sure to close the last one well.

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