This Is How to Work Hard and Still Be a Great Mom

This Is How to Work Hard and Still Be a Great Mom

It is possible to be a successful working mom and to still be a good mom. I have been the stay-at-home mom, but I am currently the mom who works full-time. Let me tell you, both are hard work and it is true: a mother’s work is never done. We are always on call.

Here is how I have been able to get things done and still be present for my family when I am home.

Planning is key!

I have always been the person who must write everything down. It helps me to process and focus. If I know what I have coming up with work events, appointments, and meetings then I can compare and plan. I make sure I am not losing quality time with my husband and kids. This is huge! When I am working, I am all in. When I am home, that is my focus! Business hours are established, and if I need to figure in a meeting or event, then I make sure to make the time up at home. When I am with my family, I am 100% focused on them. No phones, tablets, computers, or any other distractions. I work hard so that when I am not working I can live my life!

Establish “me” time.

I need time to refocus, re-energize, and find my center. This can be accomplished in small pockets of time, and it’s usually short and sweet…reading for 20 minutes before I go to bed, listening to a podcast on my way to work, meditating in my office during my lunch break. Other things I do for me are: waking up earlier to enjoy my coffee on the porch before my kids get up and cuddling with my husband and talking about our day before we fall asleep. Whatever you can make work for you—do it. It will help you become happier and less stressed when you are at home, and you will perform better when you are working!

Have fun!

When at work, smile, joke, and take that coffee break. Enjoy the quick moments of connecting with your co-workers and the people you encounter throughout your day. You can still accomplish all you need to do and have a good time while doing it. Plus, you never know who needs a smile! When you are at home with your family, then dance in the kitchen, have a tickle session with your kids, and joke with your spouse. I am convinced that the power of laughter and smiling can change the world. Don’t take everything so seriously and make light wherever you are.

Utilizing time is vital, and it doesn’t just fall under planning.
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The thing is, us mamas have so much to do even when we aren’t at work. Games, appointments, chores, house and yard work… Take these times and make it a family event. Need to get your workout in? Get everyone on their bike and do your cardio. Make cooking a family occasion; have the kids help you wash the veggies while you prep something else. Turn chores such as yard work into bonding time. They will get a lot of reward out of the process, and you are teaching them qualities that will stay with them for a lifetime! I have found that some of our most favorite times have been created in these moments. My kids appreciate that I trust them to help me, and we always have such a good time while spending quality time together.

The thing is, there is no perfect way to be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. You must find the best formula that works for you and your family. By using a few or all of the steps above you might find that it is possible for you to balance working and family life in a way that works for you.

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