Word to the Wise for Women Building a Career


If you’re a working woman you know the struggle can be real. To be successful in your career, present at home, and have time and energy leftover to enjoy some sort of down time, hobby or creative outlet…who can do it all?

We’ve got your back…here are some of our fave reads for working women, broken down by topic. Bookmark this baby, and share it with your friends!

Looking to get a job?

Not sure what kind of work you should pursue?
How to Pinpoint Your Purpose With One Simple Question

Going for an interview can be stressful, watch this first!
How to Stand out in a Job Interview (Video)

Are you new to the workforce? Some things you should know…
How to Get Your Dream Job

Ready to make a move?
How to Quit Your Job With Class

Looking to develop your skills?

Networking can be awkward, but super helpful. Start doing it now.
8 Tips to Make Networking Easier on You

Don’t make these common mistakes in your work communication!
How to Craft a Professional Email

Published author, speaker and leadership expert author Jenni Catron helps you make a difference in your workplace.
Stuck in a Bad Work Culture? 6 Ways to Make it Better

Empowerment is such a buzzword. Do you need it to be strong?
Do Women Need to Be “Empowered” to Display Strength?

A little wisdom from a woman who’s owned several successful businesses:
5 Lessons Every Woman in the Workplace Should Learn

Looking to work your way up the ladder?

Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t be the boss!
Can Female Bosses Be Nice and Successful?

Jenni Catron shares 4 dimensions of effective leadership.
Being a Successful Leader Starts With You

Got a dream? An idea? Want do to something you’re passionate about for your work? Dave Ramsey Personality, Author and Podcaster, Christy Wright tells you how.
5 Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Are non-traditional careers an option?
Can You Deviate From the Corporate World and Be Successful?

Looking to get it all done?

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but a growing workload. There’s a hack for that.
7 Time Management Hacks for a Successful Workday

dont-tell-people-your-dreams.-show-them-FBIG-boardWe work smarter when we’re happy with our workspace.
How to Have a Pretty and Productive Workspace

A girl’s gotta eat!
Healthy Snacks for the Work Day

We hope these articles help you! And let us know, what other topics would you like our writers to address for your work life? Comment below or send us an email at info@thegritandgraceproject.org

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