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Allison, her husband Mac and their 10-year-old fur-baby Titus live in the charming town of Bend, Oregon, just east of the Cascade Mountain range. Allison retried in 2017 after a 30-year career in healthcare and research administration. She is now pursuing the dream God placed on her heart several years ago, helping women understand their source of real value, and encouraging them to discover Jesus’ plan and purpose for their lives. Allison is a self-proclaimed introvert that loves to boldly and enthusiastically encourage, mentor, and support woman. She recently used her passion for art and writing to create BeLOVED, a blog site that challenges women to find their true value in Jesus. She is an avid gardener (although she shares gardening in Bend is more an act of faith than skill) that enjoys chatting with girlfriends over a warm cup of tea or hiking with Titus on a river trail. Allison has faced many challenges in her life. Her desire is to use them to inspire women to walk closely and confidently with God.
are you abandoning your beliefs to fit in board

What a curious thing, how life circumstances teach us about the hidden aspects of our souls. Those inconsistent behaviors we can easily see in

Words are Powerful

I wish I could take back the words—the silent unconscious tape that plays endlessly in my mind. Push each syllable, every consonant, backward, and

are your compromises hindering your freedom and integrity

At 36, Elizabeth was proud of her accomplishments. A thriving career, a loving marriage, a bright energetic daughter, and an entourage of friends that

this is how god matured the anxious girl i used to be

In our home, we purge what has gathered in the corners of closets and the backs of drawers each year. We find new homes


The field was a place of childhood imagination, a land filled with underground forts, wood crate castles, and a path that wandered over dirt


It was late fall; the temperatures had already dropped below freezing. The snow was accumulating; freezing rain covered buildings and encased cars. We were

What It's Like on the Sidelines of Domestic Abuse

I think of my sister often. Not because she’s passed away or we are estranged. I think of her because she showed me the

This Is for You If Your Circumstances Feel Unfair

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I sat down at my desk and set a warm cup of tea on my favorite china plate.

This Is How My Mother Changed Her Identity for Love

My parents were married in the mid-1940s. My siblings and I are not certain of the exact date. In fact, we are learning there

This Is How God Choreographs Our Lives

It is interesting how God orchestrates our lives. Those times He delays an arrival, gives us a nudge to change a reservation, or perhaps encourages

This Is How My Bright Idea Turned Into a Microwave Fire

I’ve always considered myself an intelligent person. Not a brainiac by any means, but someone that exercises good judgment and who thinks through things

When You Need to Shift Your Heart, Attitude and Mindset

I woke this morning with this nagging sense of sadness. It sat with me as I ate breakfast, followed me throughout my morning, and

Why Is It so Hard to Be God’s Hands and Feet to the Homeless

The local television station flashed an extreme weather announcement at the bottom of the screen. They encouraged us to cover our plants and to

When God’s No Became My Best Yes

I sat on the edge of the exam table, a sheet draped over my lap, exam gown tied in the back. I was waiting

Helping the Homeless Taught Me This One Truth

It is difficult to think about that winter without remembering the faces of the women and children that called the emergency shelter home. Each

There's Hope, God Is Not Only in the Gaps

The surgeries started in her early 20s, and for the next 10 years, 12 would follow. The scars on her abdomen ran from a