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When she was a young girl, Tess took pure delight in reading and writing. While these activities would have made other kids her age squirm, they liberated thoughts and ideas from the confines of her shy demeanor. Written words were how she spoke; they were how she expressed herself, and they were her form of art. Some people can run on a creative tangent when handed some clay or a paintbrush; she would do the same with a sturdy No. 2 pencil. Having now achieved her bachelor’s degree in English from Florida Gulf Coast University, it’s evident that Tess’s young affinity for words quite simply made a cozy little home in her heart.

When the opportunity arises (and her wallet permits), Tess ventures out in all directions to dwell in the splendor of Earth’s many landscapes. Whether it be the quiet rust-colored canyons of the west or the towering structures and noisy backdrop of a bustling city, she always leaves feeling humbled. Traveling is a gentle yet powerful reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Tess finds that there is value in life’s experiences and Earth’s wonders. And yes, she does always stop to smell the flowers.

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