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Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, educated at UCLA and Pepperdine University. She has a private practice in sunny California and a virtual practice working with people all over the world! She is a motivational speaker, podcast host, life coach, and fitness fanatic.

'A Mom Trying to Figure It Out' Asked: Blended Family Rules I seem to have a mess of questions lately. Most all revolve around my blended

'Pawan' Asked: Hi Dr. Zoe I am having trouble with connecting with my 12yr old step daughter. I have 3 step kids. I don't have any

Maybe you've been hurt by someone you loved, whether that was through betrayal, adultery or lies. Whether we see it or not, these hurtful

'Alexis' Asked: How do you love your foster child’s parents well even when you feel like they aren’t trying? Dr. Zoe Answered: When I am struggling with

'Mom of Three Boys' Asked: As a mom with three boys (12-year-old twins, 9-year-old), how do I deal with the tween separation that boys do

'Coping With Anxiety' Asked: I recently realized the extent to which I have struggled with anxiety all my life. What are some healthy, Biblical coping

'Worship Band' Asked: I sing in the worship band at my church. I was convinced to join by a friend who noticed me confidently singing

‘Rudderless After A Relationship’ Asked: I have been in a long term relationship with my fiance'. He proved himself unable to commit and now I

‘Dating Diva’ Asked: I'm a single mom with a young son. What's the best way to introduce my child to someone I'm dating? When do

'Confused' Asked: I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a long time now, and every time we fight I never get angry with

'Ginny Girl' Asked: My fiance told me a few things that hurt me really bad a few days after the engagement. I gave him a

'Toxic Triangle' Asked: I often feel like my partner is not giving me my place in this toxic triangle of a relationship. I love him

'Dreading This Scary Conversation' Asked: Dear Dr. Zoe, I recently found out that I have an STI, and I am devastated. I made decisions in the

'Talenkynic Dromdfrevc' Asked: Hi there, I don’t think I react to crises the same way as others; I become detached and unemotional. I think I

‘Stuck in the Middle’ Asked: I have four children from a previous marriage and I recently got married to a wonderful man with no children.

'Chatty in Nooga' Asked: I’m pretty sure my husband is struggling with bipolar disorder/depression. My dad has it, so I’m aware of what it can

'Meg' Asked: There has been a mixture of all kinds of hurt in a long term dating relationship and trying to extend grace and to

'Leaving the Past Behind' Asked: Last year was emotionally draining, and I’m afraid I will "carry all the stress, anxiety and tension" into this year.

'Samantha' Asked: I don’t feel like I’m living the life I want to be. I work during the week (and I love my job so

Being a stepmom is an extremely important, yet difficult, job. There are little ones to care for, but this often involves maintaining some sort

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