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Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, educated at UCLA and Pepperdine University. She has a private practice in sunny California and a virtual practice working with people all over the world! She is a motivational speaker, podcast host, life coach, and fitness fanatic.

'Coping With Anxiety' Asked: I recently realized the extent to which I have struggled with anxiety all my life. What are some healthy, Biblical coping

'Frosty in Fort Worth' Asked: Hi Dr. Zoe, I have a cousin who is just over a year younger than me whom I have been

'Texas Tangled' Asked: This might end up sounding like a terrible romance movie

'Worship Band' Asked: I sing in the worship band at my church. I was convinced to join by a friend who noticed me confidently singing

'Desiring Friendship and Ministry Partnership' Asked: I'm in my mid-60s and have been widowed for five years. I recently met a single Christian man who

'Dreading This Scary Conversation' Asked: Dear Dr. Zoe, I recently found out that I have an STI, and I am devastated. I made decisions in the

'Dawn' Asked: After my boyfriend and I had been together a year, one night while we were spending alone time together he looked at me

'Paulette' Asked: How do you coparent with a toxic ex? Someone who is manipulative, a compulsive liar even to the courts and doesn't put the

"My Husband Wants a Divorce" Asked: My husband asked me for a divorce. I don't want one. I left the home, but I feel like

'Weighed Down Wife' Asked: How do you converse with your husband about an invasive mother? I found her one day in our bedroom changing our

'Stuck in the Middle' Asked: How do my husband and I practically set boundaries with our parents who are each going through a separation/divorce? Both

'A Mom Trying to Figure It Out' Asked: Blended Family Rules I seem to have a mess of questions lately. Most all revolve around my blended

'Pregnancy Loss' Asked: I am currently dealing with a pregnancy loss. It is a blighted ovum and my body is just not catching up to

If you've been hurt in a previous relationship or by someone you trust, it becomes much harder to place confidence in those you encounter

'Fed up in Maryland' Asked: Hi, Do you have any suggestions on how to get my husband more involved with our boys? He is great at

Are you struggling with a lingering issue or life problem for which you can't seem to find an answer? Maybe it's something you're unsure

'Loving Wife' Asked: How do you get past a betrayal in your marriage? Dr. Zoe Answered: You didn’t specify what type of betrayal this is, so I’m

'Potential Worry-Wart' Asked:  What is "normal" anxiety and what crosses over into clinical? In my mid-20s, I experienced panic attacks and a couple years of moderate

'Curious' Asked: I grew up as a missionary kid and was abused by my missionary father. Emotional, spiritual, physical. Every girl friend of mine had

If you've ever criticized yourself about the things you've done, or the things that others have done to you, then you are rooting yourself

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