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Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, educated at UCLA and Pepperdine University. She has a private practice in sunny California and a virtual practice working with people all over the world! She is a motivational speaker, podcast host, life coach, and fitness fanatic.

'Sammi' Asked: How do I help my child wean themselves away from screens? It’s only a few hours a day but she feels entitled to

'Deb' Asked: As I listened to Julie Graham’s story, I look back at how I prayed for her as she walked through Paul’s death. Little

'Fed up in Maryland' Asked: Hi, Do you have any suggestions on how to get my husband more involved with our boys? He is great at

'Toxic Triangle' Asked: I often feel like my partner is not giving me my place in this toxic triangle of a relationship. I love him

'Liz' Asked: Dr. Zoe, My husband and I are infertile. People ask us a lot when we are going to have kids. While this question is

'Tat2nurse13' Asked: Why does being a strong independent woman scare off men? Dr. Zoe Answered: Oh, I love this question! But, your statement isn't completely true. Historically,

'In Waiting' Asked: As my husband and I dive deep into our 6th year of infertility we continue to struggle with an insensitive, narcissistic mother/mother-in-law.

'Jan' Asked: As a stepmom to a 15-year-old, how do I even begin to connect with her? She is disrespectful to her mom and me

'Pawan' Asked: Hi Dr. Zoe I am having trouble with connecting with my 12yr old step daughter. I have 3 step kids. I don't have any

'Confused Fiance' Asked: How do I go about repairing the relationship with the mother of my fiance’s children? I don’t like her, I think she

'Minny Mama' Asked: I have two friends in my mom group that are bickering/gossiping about each other to another friend in our group. I don’t

'Alissa' Asked: After 5 years of staying home with my babies (now 5 and 2), I find myself constantly struggling between continuing to stay home

'Puzzled' Asked: I've become increasingly unhappy in my workplace (but not my position) due to a seriously unkind and hostile coworker. I've been pondering whether

'Kim' Asked: How can I parent with positivity? My kids drive me crazy. They refuse to help me or are mean to each other way

'Yolanda' Asked: Do you have any tips on how to break gender roles. My husband and I both work yet he literally expects me to

'Turmoil in Texas' Asked: My husband and I were married for 12 years. He cheated and we have been separated for the last four years

'Alexis' Asked: How do you love your foster child’s parents well even when you feel like they aren’t trying? Dr. Zoe Answered: When I am struggling with

'In Love With a Narcissist' Asked: How long do I stay in a marriage with a narcissist who continually emotionally and verbally abuses me? Can

'Matel' Asked: Hi Zoe, my question to you is as follows. I get frustrated when my girl 3.5 years old does not act the way I

'Nurse Lauren' Asked: Hello, I found the article you wrote about wanting a proposal and not getting it and how you shouldn’t feel bad about

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