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After 15 years as a military wife, I am a Gold Star Wife, grappling with life as a newly-single mom to two boys. I am a lover of learning-- currently working on master's degree #2. I hold my dream job of teaching high school girls health. I love being the woman that gets to talk to them about things they might not talk about otherwise. My job is to teach them the beauty of their self-worth and where that is found. I recently became a lover of fitness as a means of therapy. I am finally learning to love myself for who God made me to be. We are crafting a new life - full of GRIT and GRACE. I spend most of my free time on the baseball field watching my youngest or on the golf course watching my oldest. When we're not racing around getting everyone where they need to go you will find us on the water with the biggest smiles on our faces. I am continually coming up with new DIY projects, mainly because I know I can make it myself for 1/2 the cost. Sometimes I'm right.
5 Ways My Blended Family Learned to Adapt

“So … I’m going to need to wear those pants of yours tomorrow.” “Um, that doesn’t sound like asking,” her dad interjects. I’m just sitting there,

suicide isn't easily understood but you need to know this

“Wow. I just gotta say, suicide is such a selfish decision. I can’t believe anyone would do that to someone else.” I stood there in

As I planned my weekend, I knew going to church Sunday just wasn't in the cards. For as long as I can remember, I've

God showed up when i was tired of waiting

I remember those special holidays on Sunday mornings as a little girl when my family got extra dressed up. My dad pulled my brother

Staying Sane When You Feel Crazy

We went to dinner at our local small-town golf club. As I walk in I realize what is going on around us, and a

This Is How I Found Out Who I Am

I love Sundays. After church I take my son down the street to our favorite farm. He throws on his boots, grabs his horse,


"I miss Daddy." When I hear those words, I feel like someone took my heart and tossed it on the floor. Like a glass falling

My Husband Fought for His Nation, but Lost a Battle at Home

My family and I love going to Washington D.C. I’ve gone countless times since I was a kid, especially because my dad did so