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Ashby has an MBA in international business, loves reading, traveling, and scuba diving and is her family's resident hippy when it comes to all things health. She believes that life experiences have a strange way of shaping you into who you are, no matter how much you plan otherwise. Growing up, she dreamed of being a doctor, lawyer, or CEO and wanted to travel the world. Right now, is a business partner to her husband in his home remodeling company, a homeschool mom to four awesome boys, and serves on the board of a ministry’s human trafficking rescue mission and on another board for immigration rights. Ashby was five months pregnant when her first husband passed away 15 months into their marriage, which gave her a deep strength and confidence in God. After her husband’s death she found her love for writing and speaking and remarried a wonderful man. She is the author of the book "The Warrior Wives Club" and has fulfilled her longing to travel with mission trips. Her life looks completely different than she thought it would, but the grace she discovered through the grit made it more beautiful than she ever imagined.
Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Whole30? How to Pick the Best Diet For You

Oh, the diets. Anyone else out there as confused as I am? Although I’m always on the quest to learn more about health, I


Oh no


My husband was moving his shop and showroom to a different location the last couple weeks. I am not quite a minimalist, but I


As a mom of almost three boys (I’m pregnant with my third), I am thinking of the attack on manhood lately. It seems like I

Our Story: From Pregnant Widow to Family of Four

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In my family’s eyes, I am their resident hippie. However, in my eyes, I don’t even scratch the surface of what this could entail; my


A wise friend once told me that before you get married, ask all the couples in your life whom you respect and have a

From Pregnant Widow to Single Mom

This is part two of Ashby's story. Read Part 1 here! Shortly after Spencer’s death, I drove out to Immokalee to the place where we used

Should I Homeschool? How I Made That Difficult Decision

I had the privilege of being both homeschooled and going to public school throughout grammar and high school. There were things I liked about