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Teresa is one of six kids in a blended family. She loves the fact she has gained a great understanding of those life dynamics, but loves her many siblings, nieces, and nephews even more. She has been married to Mike for over 35 years and has raised two amazing daughters. She is also “Grammie” to four grandsons and is learning how fun little boys are. She graduated from Lee University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Studies with emphases in leadership and education. Successfully mixing the world of her husband’s entrepreneurial spirit with her own interests, she has worked in Human Resources for over 17 years. Teresa loves volunteering for various relief organizations, reading fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and writing.
Dear Parents of Millennials It's Time to Stop It

Sweet, sweet parents of the millennial generation… those precious little snowflakes born around 1980-2000, give or take a year or two. As the parent

heal a hard mother daughter relationship

My father was an amazing man. He worked hard on the railroad as a foreman, but still had time for his kids in the


As our daughters were growing up, my husband and I decided early on that we were willing to make some difficult decisions about parenting.


“Strive for progress, not perfection” has been something of a motto for me over the past year. I spent most of my life trying


Once upon a time, a lady met this fellow. She had three kids (two girls and a boy). He had three kids (two boys

Stop Saying These Things to People Who Are Grieving

Most of us have experienced grief on some level—whether it be a death, a serious health condition, or even the loss of a pet.


Great parenting requires a great foundation. Being intentional and consistent in your parenting choices takes more grit than you can imagine if you don’t

How to Live out of Your Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Knowing who you are is something most of us strive for all the time. While watching the 2016 Summer Olympics, I was struck by a


After 30+ years of marriage, you think I would have figured out a long time ago what is the best way to interact with my

God knows your life, your needs and the hair on your head

I have a prosthetic eye. Now, here are answers to frequently asked questions about having a prosthetic eye: 1. Yes, I can take it out. No,

Sometimes Lazy is Really Giving Yourself Grace

Do you ever suffer from a laziness hangover? I thought about the unfortunate condition this morning as I was walking through my office. I was

10 Tips For How to Enjoy a Fun Visit With Your Grandkids

Successfully raising our own children often leads to the joy of being a part of our grandchildren’s lives. While my children were growing up (whether

Teen Suicide

Lately I’ve been thinking about a difficult subject…teen suicide. There are simply too many of them. Even one is too many. Too many kids

Marriage Is Hard

What if everything we read on Facebook were true? I recall a post in my newsfeed that said something to the effect of, “if