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Whitney Hsu is a music teacher turned SAHM who spends her days wrangling three kids (5 and under!) and finding Jesus in the quiet moments. She graduated from Salem College in 2008, and has been discerning her calling day by day since then. Her current gig is leading worship at her home church, writing for several publications, being a supportive wife of her dreamer/doer husband, and helping build up the community in central NC that she loves so dearly. In her ever-dwindling free time, Whitney really enjoys reading, gardening, running, discovering new foodie havens, working on her Chaco tan, taking whirlwind trips with her hubby, and catching glimpses of the NC mountains whenever possible. She's recently delved into songwriting, even though she pretty much stinks at it. Maybe one day she'll write a hit and retire to Ireland. Hey, a girl can dream!
How to Go Gluten-Free (Without Hating It)

I've gone gluten-free for several periods of time over the past few years, and even now, I'm a little gluten-less-than-usual. And guess what? It's

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It's hard to find time to read, but it's something I enjoy and try to prioritize. I'm assuming I'm not the only one in


I have a confession to make. I'm a podcast junkie. Or as much as I can be as the mom of three young kids.


If your kids are like mine, they come home from school hungry! I've been working a lot on packing healthy lunches for them, and consequently


Worship. What does that word call to mind when you hear it? The songs that you sing at your church on Sundays? An organ and

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10 Tips for Soon-to-Be Moms

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It seems I should start this off with a disclaimer: I'm a happily married woman. Now that I've told you that, I can tell