How to Wear White Jeans All Year-Round


White jeans have the ability to add a fresh vibe to any outfit. There are still some nay-sayers out there who think white denim has an expiration date each year, but let this article be an encouragement to you to go ahead and disregard the “wear by” date and sport white denim year-round. You don’t need permission to set a good style example, so just go for it! Hold your head high, reach for a great pair of white jeans, and commit to rocking them every season.

Here are a few styling ideas: during the spring and summer, pair white jeans with tank tops or cold shoulder tops and wedges. In the fall, wear white jeans with tunics and flowy black tees plus a little denim vest or a jean jacket and booties. For winter, try a cozy sweater—or maybe even a poncho—in any color with over-the-knee (OTK) boots.

White distressed denim is a great option for those who wish to add some texture and a bit of edge to their look. Since white distressed denim is still a more subtle statement, it’s versatile enough to look great with any top and shoe choice. White denim is a refreshing escape from the ever-so-common dark fall and winter colors. I think most of us, at some point, end up needing some figurative “sunshine” in the form of fashion. We don’t always have to outwardly mourn the cold with our fashion choices!

You don’t need permission to set a good style example, so just go for it!

However, I know there are many of you out there who just love wearing black and other dark colors consistently—I wish I were more like you! Although I’m always attracted to brighter colors, I’m slowly getting better at wearing dark neutrals. A dark neutral outfit complements the body in a simplistic and beautiful way. But now it’s time for both ends of the color spectrum to compromise … you can never go wrong when wearing a black top with white jeans. This is a great way for those black addicts to freshen up their dark wardrobe from time to time. Black and white is a classic and timeless pair! My suggestion for keeping black and white as chic as possible is to keep every other piece in your outfit neutral, even your handbag. For a really on-trend look, throw on a denim vest or jacket!

I hope you were inspired to incorporate white denim into your everyday looks, no matter the season!

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Photo by Dionna McCarthy Photography

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