Every Girl’s Dream

every girl's dream

I came across a post on Facebook recently that read: “Every guy thinks every girl’s dream is to find the perfect guy…pssh. Every girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat.” After a good laugh, I thought yep, pretty true. Eating without getting fat would top my list. I really do love food. But alas that will forever remain a dream; we all know what reality is!

When I think about tackling the struggle to be healthy in the area of eating (both physically and mentally) as a woman, two words come to mind: choice and acceptance.

You may know some people who can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce. Chances are, you are not one of those people. There aren’t many of those out there. You have to be a little more intentional about your diet; you have to make good choices…every day…several times a day.

What an ongoing battle it is! It is hard, so do give yourself some grace and compassion, but also get out your fitbits and fitness pals and then get ready to fight! Ask yourself the hard questions. What is keeping me from doing this? Am I really willing to stay committed? Do I want to lose weight to look a certain way or is it to be healthy? Now those are very different motives. I would argue that having the right motive would give you a better, more lasting drive that will lead to success.

Many “diet” plans or services are total scams or they may provide temporary results. It could be a way to jump start healthier changes maybe, but nobody wants to drink a mystery shake forever! You need a lifestyle change not another diet plan. What would it look like to eat consistently healthy so that you can indulge in moderation on the things you really enjoy? I love sweet things and cheese. I also really enjoy pastries and breads, but not as much as cheese and sweets so I often cut those out and eat the things I really, really love. The choice can be hard but it can help you stay balanced and you still get to eat some of the food you crave.

Also experiment with new food apps and cooking things differently. Up until about a year ago if you would have told me brussel sprouts were on the menu I would have snubbed my nose at it. But then I tried them oven roasted with a little bit of thyme, salt, and pepper (before I had only had them steamed). It was amazing! Those little green guys are now one of my favorites!

Ask yourself the hard questions. What is keeping me from doing this? Am I really willing to stay committed?

From there you need to look at the other part of being healthy with your diet and your body: how you think about it. If you are doing your best to generally eat well then your body will be where it needs to be. Who cares about the number! Unless your doctor has told you that you need to set a weight goal, then put the scale away.

Do not become a slave to this cheap electronic square. If you use it obsessively or it puts you on an emotional roller coaster, it’s time for a scale break. Put it in a closet on the top shelf, let a friend keep it for you, donate it, or run it over with your car.

You are not what you weigh! You will never be at peace if you are comparing yourself to someone else, we all must learn to accept ourselves. Even further than acceptance, hopefully we love and feel comfortable in our own skin. Women of grit have confidence in who they are! So go eat that snack and then go forth and conquer!

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