Communicate like a cat

“Meow!" It is 6:45 a.m. and Snickers, my chunky tuxedo cat, has his face on my face, yelling at me to get out of bed so he can have breakfast. My cat fascinates me with his strict schedule. He will never fail to tell me when it is time to eat, when


Maybe this is your first year—or one of several—trying to balance the joy of the holidays with grief over a loss. The conflicted feelings can make it difficult to celebrate or even consider being around others. Speaker and author Nancy Hicks joins Darlene Brock and Julie Bender to discuss how we

Wait with Me: Discovering the Beauty of Advent

With Christmas right around the corner, many are celebrating what is known as Advent. Now, for those of you like me who did not grow up in the church, you may not have learned that Advent is the period of time in the Christian calendar leading up to Christ’s birth

babies and tots

There's no doubt our kids light up our lives. Truly, they are some of our greatest treasures in life. But do you ever feel like motherhood is a little bit harder than you expected it to be? Ok, maybe a lot harder

We’re in it together

Grit and Grace Life is a community of real women who came together to help you live your real life. We aren’t here to tell you how to be perfect or amazing or that you even need to be. We don’t think you have to wear a cape or a crown. We are writing to share our wisdom; what we have gained because we have lived it. We believe by helping you navigate each day, tackling all things big and small, you will discover your strength.

We are single, married, single again, mothers and daughters, working inside the home and out. We have had relationship failures and successes. Motherhood trials and joys. Workplace frustrations and fulfillments. We help you tackle the everyday problems, as well as the tough stuff. Unified in building our purpose and growing our faith.

With honesty and vulnerability, we will support, guide, offer help and hope by sharing insights from our journeys. We are here to live life together as strong women encouraging those who want to be.

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