The Grass Is Always Greener: Learn to Love Who You Are

I’m about to make a shocking statement. Are you ready? Women are so hard on themselves. We know this already, right? We’re expected to be a size 2 but cook like Paula Deen. We’re expected to keep the house clean, tend to the children, keep a steady stream of income, and meet

Should I Be Staying for the Kids Even If My Marriage Isn't Working?

So, you've got a husband and you’ve got kids. This marriage isn't working. You've tried and you've tried (I hope you've tried), and it's not getting better. You put off thinking about it to get your family through the holidays. Another year has gone by and it's smack in your

Keeping a Record of This Can Change Your Life

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more." —Melody Beattie Since my mom’s passing in 2015, I have tried to be extremely cognizant of year-round blessings. The easy blessings. The hard blessings. The punch-you-in-the-gut blessings. The everyday blessings. The tiny, unexpected blessings. The blessings

5 Ways My Blended Family Learned to Adapt

“So … I’m going to need to wear those pants of yours tomorrow.” “Um, that doesn’t sound like asking,” her dad interjects. I’m just sitting there, as my stepdaughter and I continue to figure out this whole stepparenting thing. I want to be her cool BFF that she feels comfortable sharing things


We’re in it together

Grit and Grace Life is a community of real women who came together to help you live your real life. We aren’t here to tell you how to be perfect or amazing or that you even need to be. We don’t think you have to wear a cape or a crown. We are writing to share our wisdom; what we have gained because we have lived it. We believe by helping you navigate each day, tackling all things big and small, you will discover your strength.

We are single, married, single again, mothers and daughters, working inside the home and out. We have had relationship failures and successes. Motherhood trials and joys. Workplace frustrations and fulfillments. We help you tackle the everyday problems, as well as the tough stuff. Unified in building our purpose and growing our faith.

With honesty and vulnerability, we will support, guide, offer help and hope by sharing insights from our journeys. We are here to live life together as strong women encouraging those who want to be.

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