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The Grit and Grace Life Podcast Is Launching!

If you’re a frequent (or a first-time) listener of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, we are so thankful you’re here!

By this point, you’ve probably already seen that we have more than 150 podcast episodes where we cover every aspect of a woman’s life. But rather than simply providing entertainment, co-hosts Darlene and Julie wanted to share same the stories, advice, and encouraging content from the website on a platform for women on the go, whether you’re chasing a toddler or walking to work.

In this original podcast launch video, Darlene and Julie explain more of their inspiration and hope behind the development of This Grit and Grace Life.


This is a video series from our Grit and Grace community sharing their insights, heartbreaks, and humor, encouraging others in the joys and struggles of every day.

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