Addiction Does Not Define You: A Recovery Story with Caroline Beidler – 194

Addiction Does Not Define You: A Recovery Story with Caroline Beidler - 194

Dar and Julie podcast promo picMost people are unaware of the statistic that 1 in 3 women globally have experienced sexual assault.¹ This week’s guest, sadly, was one of those victims at the tender age of 14. 

Caroline Beidler joins Darlene Brock and Julie Bender this week to recount some of the early challenges she faced, including a diminished sense of self-worth, a lack of boundaries and a spiral into substance abuse.

Now 11 years sober and a passionate recovery advocate, Caroline shares how we can extend grace to those struggling with addiction, and what signs moms should look out for that may indicate their teenager is struggling with a deeper issue.

This topic is difficult, but one that is absolutely necessary to help those stuck in the cycle of addiction or substance abuse to feel understood and take the first steps toward recovery.

Caroline Beidler, MSW is an author, recovery advocate and founder of the storytelling platform Bright Story Shine where she has released several eBooks including 10 Practical Ways to Make Your Recovery Shine

With almost 20 years in leadership within social work and ministry, she leads Creative Consultation Services, LLC., a business focused on creating sustainable addiction recovery support services. She is also a Research Collaborator with the Lyda Hill Institute on Human Resilience at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and a team writer for Grit and Grace Life and blogger at the global recovery platform In the Rooms

Caroline lives in Tennessee with her husband and twins where she enjoys hiking in the mountains and building up her community’s local recovery ministry.

You can follow Caroline on Instagram @carolinebeidler_official, on Facebook @carolinebeidlermsw, and on her websites, and

Quote of the episode:

“When we open up and share our dark places and our secrets, something absolutely miraculous happens.” —Caroline Beidler


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For recovery resources and stories for women, visit Caroline’s community platform, Bright Story Shine
If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, Google “recovery community organizations” in your area

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