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Caroline Beidler, MSW is a twin mother, grateful woman in recovery and the Director of Creative Consultation Services, LLC., a business focused on creating sustainable addiction recovery support services at the local, state, and federal levels. She also recently started the story-telling platform: Bright Story Shine. She holds a BA in English (2004) and an MSW (2016) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is the past Director of Wisconsin Voices for Recovery, along with a past founder and Director of ED2Recovery, a nationally recognized program that brings Recovery Coaching into the Emergency Department setting to address the opioid crisis and opioid overdose fatalities. Through her consulting work, speaking engagements and writing, Caroline has worked with legislators, non-profits, universities, federal agencies and others to create innovative models that empower communities and people in recovery. Caroline and her family recently relocated to Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the US where she enjoys writing, hiking in the mountains and chasing around her two-year-old twins, Henrick and Violet. Reach her at https://linktr.ee/Brightstoryshine.

If you are expecting twins, there is one thing that I, a former twin carrier, would like to plead with you not to do.

celebrate recovery month with grace instead of judgement

This may be a startling fact: there are over 23 million Americans (and more than half of those women) who identify as being a

god loves all of me even my messy armpit hair

It was after my three-year-old daughter's unsolicited observation that I realized how much God loves all of me—even the messier bits. “What’s under your armpit,

5 ways for a busy mom to prioritize intimacy with her husband

My husband and I have a new tradition called “sweet o’clock.” We plan out the evening ahead of time, and I make a homemade

this is what i would say to the man who raped me

The cutting cold of the night numbed my cheek as I lay against a pillow of snow. My head was heavy—I could not lift

why i stopped letting social media trends control my money

It all started the night my husband and I were arguing over nursing chairs. My husband didn’t understand why we needed to purchase a brand

daring to go filterless how social media is impacting women and what we can do about it

Scrolling social media, I see women who are painted like porcelain dolls with tiny waists and thick-alicious hips. I see images of perfection that

life is fragile what my moms illness has taught me

In middle school, we had well-meaning, completely-out-of-touch teachers (according to us) who thought that it was important to include “life lessons” as part of

5 ways to make adult friends in the lonely age of social media

As I scroll through my list of friend requests on social media, I usually ask myself the same questions: if my life was falling


He sat in his black chair with a headset on, and periodically, I’d hear him shout obscenities at the screen. He was playing the

self care is a radical act of love for mommas

When I was six months pregnant with twins, I talked my husband into getting an L-shaped sectional as an act of self-care. My cute,


My husband quietly closes the door behind him. It’s such a soft noise—like the sound of breathing out on a cold day. Lately, he

Looking Stupid, A Noble Act

This year, I resolve not to make any more New Year’s resolutions. No more diets, exercise programs or firm convictions that I will eat less


One day after my 8-year sober birthday, I decided to do a social media detox for a month (or as long as I could).