Cohost Julie Bender: Life Lessons Learned in her Newest Chapter – 205

Cohost Julie Bender: Life Lessons Learned in her Newest Chapter - 205

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In our nearly six month hiatus, a lot has happened in the lives of This Grit and Grace Life‘s hosts. Darlene developed and  launched Grit and Grace Life‘s sister project, Smart Living with Grit and Grace, while Julie welcomed a brand new baby girl named Reverie Bender.

Like any good friends would do after being apart, Darlene and Julie spend some time catching up and discussing what else is new in Julie’s life (hint: a lot!). For our newer listeners, Julie recaps her first marriage, her sudden widowhood, getting back into the dating scene and how she met her now-husband, Donny. She also speaks to what trust looks like in a marriage, parenting roles in a blended family, and how she decided she was ready to have another baby.

Quote of the episode:

“There are times when I  have just messed it up royally and I have to just stop and say, ‘Can we pray? Because I need to turn this around.’ And that’s how we do it in the Bender house: just keeping it real, honest and going to God constantly.” —Julie Bender


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