Don’t Let the World Dictate Your Self-Worth—It’s Up to You – 244

How do you measure your self-worth? Is it determined by a respectable title at work or the approving nods ands compliments you receive on an outfit? Is it measured by how similar your home looks to your favorite influencer’s or your own personal follower count on Instagram?

This week, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender get together to offer a single resounding answer to all those questions: No. Your self-worth isn’t determined by any of these things.

And yet, the culture we live in upholds this pervasive idea that our worth is dependent on what we do or how put-together our lives appear, when in reality—in God’s reality—it’s who we are that matters.

If you struggle, like Julie did, with feeling like you’re not enough or even too much for others, listen to this episode to learn where your worth comes from and how you can walk boldly in who you are. The world doesn’t dictate your self-worth. Remember—God has a plan for you, and you’re on the road to who you’re becoming. Give grace to yourself on the way there.

Quote of the episode:

Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown.” —Darlene




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