From Living on the Streets to Finding Redemption with Laila Schell – 218

From Living on the Streets to Finding Redemption with Laila Schell - 218

Your circumstances don’t define you. Take it from this week’s podcast guest, Laila Schell, whose upbringing was anything but conventional. In this raw narration of her life story, Laila shares how she grew up poverty-stricken, bouncing between family homes and foster care and feeling the sting of rejection from her parents. Living on the street, Laila struggled with drugs and discovered she was pregnant. Her life seemed hopeless until one unexpected moment of deliverance changed everything.

Now, Laila sees the beauty of leading an imperfect life—recognizing our past doesn’t define us. It only points back to God’s ability to pull us from our deepest despair and guide us to finding redemption.

Laila Schell is a wife and mom of four who lives in a small farming community north of Toronto. She loves people and has always enjoyed talking to others and hearing their stories. Laila knows first hand how important it is to receive grace and of the power that God can use to transform a life. She has a passion for encouraging mothers and wives in the day to day tasks and helping them to see that even the most menial tasks are important and have a purpose! A firm believer that guacamole should never be extra and miracle whip is not mayonnaise, she uses worship music as the fuel to carry her through in life.

You can read more from Laila at The Good Wives Blog, or follow her on Instagram @thegoodwife22.

Quote of the episode:

“I think if we all just stop pretending, we can start healing.” —Laila Schell


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