How Do We Embrace Truth in a Radically Shifting Culture? – 215

How Do We Embrace Truth in a Radically Shifting Culture? - 215

podcast imageWe’re witnessing radical changes in our culture. Topics ranging from gender identity and sexual boundaries to living “your truth” are making both headlines and appearances in our daily life. And many times, these issues run counter to what we believe as women of faith. So how do we adapt to a shifting culture and still pursue what we know to be true?

In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender discuss the ways that traditional values and the understanding of what’s right or wrong have changed over the years, touching on topics like casual sex and family dynamics. They also share how we as women of faith can embrace truth and navigate these new waters through grace and compassion, rather than judgment through measuring sin. Are you willing to sit and talk with someone whose beliefs or decisions differ greatly from your own?

God designed a perfect life for us to live. Our job is to pursue His truth—which includes loving others the way He would.

Quote of the episode:

“Truth, couched in mercy and grace, is the only thing we can find hope in.” —Darlene Brock


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