Is My Teen Out of Control or Is This Normal? with Dr. Zoe Shaw – 232

“Is my teen out of control, or is this normal behavior? At one point do I need to begin enforcing changes?”

These questions often consume moms of teens and preteens, and on this throwback episode, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender ask psychotherapist and relationship coach Dr. Zoe Shaw for advice. Dr. Zoe discusses how to approach privacy and your teen’s internet and social media use; how to recognize which moments you should step aside and allow your teen to make mistakes, and when it’s time for you to intervene; and

If you have a teen (or will soon), this episode is filled with the answers to some your most pressing motherhood questions.

Dr. Zoe Shaw

Dr. Zoe Shaw is a passionate practitioner in the field of clinical psychology. She is licensed as a psychotherapist and divides her time between her family life, clinical practice, virtual life, and relationship coaching, speaking, writing and hosting her podcast. You can follow Dr. Zoe by visiting her site, or finding her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter as well as her podcast, Stronger in the Difficult Places.

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Quote of the episode:

“We take it personally when it’s not personal; it’s their development. —Dr. Zoe Shaw



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