Living with Anxiety? Bring It Into the Light and Find Hope with Caroline Beidler – 235

Living with Anxiety? Bring It Into the Light and Find Hope with Caroline Beidler - 235

If you’re living with anxiety, you know it can be debilitating. A sudden panic or anxiety attack can quickly ruin your day, and over time, it can keep you from pursuing your dreams.

Caroline Beidler knows what that’s like. The author, speaker and recovery advocate recalls bouts of anxiety as a child, which were exacerbated by her parents’ divorce and sexual trauma. She began self-medicating with alcohol and drugs, and though she eventually became sober, she found herself still dealing with anxiety decades later and wondering what was wrong.

In this episode, she sits down with Darlene Brock and Julie Bender to discuss how she learned to practically address anxiety as a woman of faith—and prayer and Scripture are just two parts of the larger picture. She highlights the importance of therapy, building up your circle of support, staying active and openly discussing anxiety and other mental health issues in the church.


Caroline Beidler, BA, MSW is the author of Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery, and she is currently writing her next project, due 2024. 

A recovery advocate, and founder of the storytelling platform Circle of Chairs. with almost 20 years in leadership within social work and ministry Caroline is currently a consultant with JBS International, writing and creating content for several federal agencies. She is also the founder and host of the annual International Women’s Day Global Recovery Event. 

Caroline lives in Tennessee with her husband and twins where she enjoys hiking in the mountains and building up her community’s local recovery ministry.

Quote of the episode:

“Being human is about recognizing and acknowledging our weakness. But what’s beautiful is that God works in that place.” —Caroline Beidler




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