Ready to Unpack the Baggage in Your Marriage? with Rachel Hagstrom – 213

Ready to Unpack the Baggage in Your Marriage? with Rachel Hagstrom - 213

podcast imageWe often hear that marriage is work—once the honeymoon phase is over, of course. And it’s true; marriage does require some adjustments and compromises. But what about the things that happened before marriage? The situations that may have taken place years ago, but the repercussions of which are still creeping into your union?

Co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender are joined by Grit and Grace Life writer Rachel Hagstrom to talk about how to unpack the baggage in your marriage. Both Rachel and her husband experienced separate traumatic events that slowly began chipping away at the foundation of their union. In this episode, she speaks to the importance of marriage counseling, grieving the pain you may have caused one another, and confronting the triggers that threaten your relationship. It was only when Rachel and her husband faced their past head on that they were able to revive the love that brought them together and the stability to keep it that way.

Rachel Hagstrom is married to her favorite veteran (Go Army!) of 14 years, and is a mom to two spirited daughters and one kind goldendoodle. After years of struggling with health challenges, she decided to do her own research and make changes to take a more proactive approach toward her well-being.

Now as a board-certified health and wellness coach, Rachel is passionate about walking alongside other women who seek opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation in their daily lives. When she’s not coaching, you’ll find her writing, reading, and spending time outdoors (most preferably next to the ocean, which only exists in her mind now that she lives in Dallas!)

You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelhagstrom and on her website,


Quote of the episode:

“Heartache is not your home.” —Rachel Hagstrom


Try Softer by Aundi Kolber
—”PTSD Threatened Our Love Story—Finding Help Saved It

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