Being #filterless with Whatever Life Throws Your Way

It's Twins


About this photo: “When I was (very) pregnant with twins, I decided to skip the staged pregnancy photo shoot with long flowing gowns and all that. It felt so fake at the time. My experience being pregnant with twins was not something I wanted to cover up with a dress I only wore for pictures. Carrying these babies was so gritty that I thought it would be funny to post these pics that my husband took of our own joke photo shoot.” —Caroline Beidler, writer for Grit and Grace Life


Being #filterless With Whatever Life Throws Your Way

It’s no secret that life is going to throw us curveballs. Some will be great; others won’t be so pretty. No matter how much we might anticipate or prepare for something to happen, there’s always a brief period of time (or longer) where we’ll need to do some readjusting. But the key to how successfully we transition rests in our attitude.

We won’t love every situation or circumstance we encounter. Maintaining a positive attitude during times like these doesn’t mean forcing a smile and acting like the situation doesn’t exist. We need to acknowledge the hand life has dealt us, and determine that we will come out stronger in the end. When things seem far from perfect, we can still embrace what we’re learning and laugh at ourselves while we fumble through.

So, release that front you’ve been struggling to hold up. Let others, and most importantly yourself, see that life happened: the inescapable, ever-trying circumstance that we must all experience. Show everyone that you’re handling it the way a strong woman does—the best you can. Don’t hide the struggle; instead, accept that this is where you are now. Know that you won’t be here forever, and seize the opportunity to grow and press on. Release the burden of showing that you’ve got it all together. Let the world see that you are all in on navigating life—imperfections included.

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