5 Ways to Love Your Single Life


So a large majority of your friends are married and you are not. Do you celebrate because you dodged the bullet or do you pine because you hate being alone? Do you dread the next plus one event or do you land at the door ready to have a good time, with or without that extra human by your side?

Being single is neither a malady nor a deficiency; it’s just a place in life. And it can be a really good place. Here are 5 ways to make sure you love your single life:

1. Don’t wait for life; live life. Remove the sentence, “I will (move, travel, buy a house, change careers) when I find that perfect (whatever that may be).”

2. Find free, frittering friends. Friends that are free enough to take that spontaneous trip or share that movie-binging, popcorn-eating weekend.

3. Don’t take the bait. When well-intentioned, married friends want to go down the how-to-not-be-single road, change the subject. Take a bathroom break. Just don’t go there.

4. Create your “family” structure. Identify your safety net for help when you need it and be theirs too.

5. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you don’t believe you’re at a disadvantage in life, others won’t either.

Make the most of life exactly where you are. There are many things that you can do, see, or be that you will never be able to do with that permanent plus one, so head out that door and get ‘er done.

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