When Life Gives You Lemons, Reach Out to Your Friends

When Life Gives You Lemons, Reach Out to Your Friends

In this life, the terrain is continually changing; we will climb mountains, skip through lush fields of wildflowers, traverse into deep valleys, and try to navigate our way through dry desert sand. Each with its own beauty and hardship. As difficult as these paths can be at times, we need to make sure we aren’t trying to go it alone. We should take our own advice. You know, what you tell your kids when they head out the door on an adventure, “Don’t go anywhere alone. Remember to use the buddy system.”

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need a little time out, some solitude, to do a little self-reflection and see where we should be showing ourselves some grace. Most of the time, though, we need a hand to hold onto, someone to come alongside and remind us that we do have the grit to climb that mountain in front of us. Our mountains may be potty training a toddler or caring for an ailing parent, and so many things in between.

Other moments, we can’t contain our joy and need to share our jubilation with others. Now, these moments aren’t necessarily gigantic moments. Sometimes it is a small mom victory, or maybe a finished project, heck.

I recently had a mom moment that made my heart just explode like a volcano erupting. My family has recently embarked on the adventure of sprint car racing. I say “my family” because we all have a role. My husband is the Team Manager, my oldest son is the Crew Chief, my youngest son is the Driver, and me… I’m the Mom, and that title trumps all the others. So back to my recent mom moment. After a session on the track, walking back to our pit stall, I see my Driver still in the car while the Crew Chief is kneeling down beside him. I have no idea what they were talking about, but at that moment my mom heart erupted like a volcano and let me tell you the tears flowed. I stopped and took it in, and in true fashion of the times we all live in, captured it with my phone.  Then, needing to share this moment with someone who would get the significance of it, I mean really get it, I uploaded the captured moment to my community, my squad, my ladies, my tribe AKA my “Lemons” (as we fondly call one another).

These are the ladies I couldn’t imagine doing this life without. They know just about every side of me, the side that cleans up real nice and can dance a mean jig. Actually, I don’t know what a jig is, but I like to dance so it sounded good. The me with no makeup, messy hair, sweats and a t-shirt, wearing my flip flops, while we discuss the latest book we have read. We have supported each other through difficulties in marriage, sickness, deaths of parents, taking on children that are not our own, school projects, graduations, sending our kids off to college, and now weddings.

My Lemons were also there while I lay on the hospital bed with my son, who at this point had no diagnosis as to why on a scale of 1-10 the pain in his head was a 12, he couldn’t keep any food down, had a fever of 105, and couldn’t tolerate any noise or light. They prayed with me and sat with me in the silence when I was worried and scared beyond words. They also rejoiced with me when we brought him home on the mend. These ladies also continue to celebrate with me as we watch him drive his spring car on Friday nights.

We all need these women, these relationships, to remind us to give ourselves a little grace when we mess up, or help us to remember that we have the grit to keep moving, even when moving seems impossible. Remember, the climb may be difficult, but the view from the summit is amazing. So cheers to our squads, our Lemons, and to us having the grit and grace to share the mountaintop moments, the valleys, and all the terrain in between.

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